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Web Re-Design

Your website is the Major Marketing Tool or Primary Information Centre, but it continues to be on the web with the same design for long and look obsolete. Take some time to answer yourself the following questions.

SONI-INDIA INFOTECH gives you the tools to communicate your business on the World Wide Web(www)


Take some time to answer yourself the following questions.


1. Does the design of your website appeal to you as a visitor?

2. Does your website convey the necessary information you want to share with your target audience?

3. Does thewebsite use proper Color Theme, Graphics and Images? Are they in accordance with the purpose of your     website?

4. Does yourwebsite Load Fast on the Browser? Is it compatible with all modern browsers?

5. Does your website have a neat navigation to guide your visitors easily through the website?

6. Does it stand abreast in terms of latest web design to beat your competitorswebsite?

If the answer to all the above questions is "NO", then you might be putting your Business at stake and certainly you cannot afford to do that. To pick up Business and establish your identity amongst the millions of websites on the web, its time for you to REVAMP YOU RE WEBSITE!!



    We visit your existing websiteand gather the Basic Idea for the purpose of your website.
    We request for URL’s of your competitors websites and make a Detailed Competitor Analysis.
    We then suggest you Modern Design Concepts to choose from and the Functionalities to add to your website to       craft it technologically advanced.
     We undergo several revisions on the Final Design until you are entirely satisfied with the work.
    Once we receive your approval on the Design, we move on to the Development Phase, if any.
    During the entire process of Design and Development, we upload the work on our server, so that you get an actual     Idea of what it would look like on the Internet.
    After the work is complete, we upload the site on your server.