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(Short Message Service) The common text messaging service available on cellphones and other handheld devices. Due to the billions of cellphones in use, SMS is the most ubiquitous messaging system on the planet. Typing text messages ("texting"), which are limited to 160 characters in length, can be done on basic cellphones with only numeric keys, although QWERTY keyboards make the job easier (see smartphone keyboard). Messages are sent to regular telephone numbers or to shorter numbers for commercial use


Our Bulk SMS solutions allow you to send and receive texts online, you just logon, then start sending text messages directly from the Web SMS interface. It’s perfect for connecting with customers, staff and other stakeholders.


Online SMS features:

* No new software required
* Send and receive SMS from any online computer
* Send single or group online SMS
* 100% uptime guarantee, click here for details
* Forward SMS replies to your cell when you are out of office
* Delivery tracking - shows when text message are delivered to the cell
* Audit trail - records all SMS sent, enables easy reporting